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The Zekiship
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The Zero Kiryuu x Yuuki Cross-Kuran Community.

Welcome to the_zekiship, a community dedicated to the pairing Zero and Yuuki from Matsuri Hino's Vampire Knight. We welcome members from all over the Vampire Knight fan community, with the understanding that this community is Zero x Yuuki friendly, regardless of what pairing you ship. Feel free to discuss any topic, from the love triangle to story analysis--the sky is the limit as long as you are respectful of everyone's opinions!



Moderated Membership

We here at the Zekiship have moderated membership. All this means is that you need to request permission to join, and one of the moderators will admit you at their discretion. There is no guarantee you will be allowed in, and if you have a history of trolling or other inflammatory behavior, our staff reserves the right to remove you from the community or not accept you at all.

1.) No bashing of community members will be tolerated at any point. Our goal is to offer a bashing haven for our members who may have encountered unfairness in other places. We reserve the right to remove any offending members from the community without warning.

2.) Constructive criticism of all characters (including Zero and Yuuki) is permitted under the condition that the reasons are grounded and thoroughly explained. Bashing and flaming and trolling will not be tolerated, and will be dealt with accordingly by our staff in the same manner as member bashing.

3.) Love triangle analysis is welcome and encouraged, as well as fans of Kaname and Yuuki as a pairing, so long as neither of the two above rules are broken.

4.) Properly tag and LOCK all your entries. If an entry is not tagged or locked, one of our staff will request that you tag it and/or lock it. If you don't respond to our request within three days, the entry will be deleted. You may find our tag system here: TAGS. If you need a tag that is not there, please message one of the moderators.

5.) All entries must have a subject heading. If you do not have a subject heading, the same rules apply as if you do not tag or lock your entry.

6.) Anything posted under a lock should not be posted off the community. Any entry with a download link must be locked. All entries with spoiler information about new chapters must be locked and under an LJ-cut or they will be deleted immediately.


8.) We accept all fan art, fan vids, and fics pertaining to the Zero and Yuki pairing in some way. Any adult material should be clearly marked and under a cut.

9.) Keep all graphics and videos under a cut, as well as any lengthy translations or image heavy posts.

10.) Only 3 icon previews are allowed and they must all be Zero/Yuuk, Zero, or Yuuki.

11.) Do not disable comments on a post and do not post entries that lead to locked journals. Such entries will be deleted with no warning.

12.) Promotions for Vampire Knight forums and communities, as well as for Zero x Yuuki items on sale are acceptable, but contact a moderator first before you post a promotion.

And above all treat all community members with respect!!!

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